Workflowmax Webinar – How to Demonstrate Your Value to Clients by Streamlining Your Architectural Practice

For architects, transparency between deliverables and costs helps establish client trust. With the right documentation and technology, you can ensure Georgina Wilson Architect’s clients actually understand and engage with the process, resulting in a greater appreciation of the value of your work.

Join Georgina Wilson, of Georgina Wilson Architect, a Sydney-based practice, and Chirag Ahuja, head of WorkflowMax marketing, as Georgina outlines how she has created a very clear process for on-boarding new clients, articulating the services involved, and using data to inform her pricing structure.

In this 60-minute webinar, Georgina will explain how you can:

  • Demonstrate the value of your services by communicating process and deliverables in layman’s terms
  • Establish a streamlined client screening and on-boarding process
  • Create a lean and efficient administration system that allows you to easily collect data
  • Back-up your costing, improve your quoting process and remain on-point with your fees




CLICK HERE" title="Habitus Living – Hidden Virtues">Habitus


This attic bathroom transforms what could have been an enclosed, confined, oppressive room, into a light, airy, functional space.

This small bathroom proves that an ensuite doesn’t have to be poky and hidden away. The clever use of light and transparency have transformed it into a subtle feature.

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