• Based on the approved Concept Design, GWA prepares documents to lodge an application for planning approval.  This may include:
  • ‘As existing’ drawings of the site and existing building(s), including Plans, Sections & Elevations;
  • CAD drawings of the proposed scheme; including detailed Plans, Sections and Elevations, suitable for submission to Council or other Authorities;
  • Site Analysis drawing;
  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE);
  • BASIX Certificate;
  • Waste Management Plan;
  • Shadow diagrams.
  • GWA assists with the preparation of Consultant briefs and obtains fee proposals;
  • GWA co-ordinates work carried out by consultants and integrates this work into the architectural documents;
  • GWA may meet with neighbours;
  • Meetings with the Client as required;
  • The Client reviews and approves all documents before submitting the Application;
  • Approximately 2-4 months for Council to assess DA. (Timing can vary)


Whilst more detailed than a DA, the level of detail in the documents produced for this stage is generally not enough for a builder to provide a tender. Often it can be possible to run this stage concurrently with the detailed documentation stage.

  • GWA develops documents to incorporate Conditions of Consent and meet CC requirements;
  • GWA coordinates and integrates secondary consultant’s designs;
  • GWA prepares a Certifier’s brief and obtains fee proposals;
  • GWA consults with the Certifier to manage the Construction Certificate process;
  • The Client approves the documents for CC and it is lodged in the Client’s name.

What do you do at GWA? I keep the practice ticking along, providing advice on making administrative processes efficient. I also tend to my architectural talent delusions from time to time.

What were you doing before you joined GWA?
I trained as an engineer originally, but worked in financial services before discovering my enjoyment of entrepreneurial endeavours.

What else do you do that’s not related to Architecture? Most of my professional time is spent in management in the healthcare services industry. Otherwise I enjoy growing up with my children, and trying to go faster on two wheels.