WHEN: Thursday, 12th March, 6pm – light refreshments provided

WHERE: Woollahra Council, Committee Room


COST: Free. For more information contact Georgina Wilson Architect on 9363 9182 or email studio@gwarchitect.com.au

Speaker: Luigi Rosselli (Architect – luigirosselli.com ), John Oultram (Heritage Consultant)

TOPIC: Heritage and Conservation in Woollahra – Adapting old buildings for modern life

In the first of the Architecture on Show series for 2015, join Architect Luigi Rosselli and Heritage Consultant John Oultram to hear about their favourite heritage projects in Woollahra. Luigi and John will discuss their playful, organic approach to breathing new life into old buildings while enhancing their value and character. The presenters will discuss how heritage can be an inspiration for contemporary design, and how to create a comfortable, sustainable, home that respects the heritage character that we all know and love

Luigi Rosselli – After many years seeking wisdom and knowledge from the world, from eminent architects including Mario Botta, Alvaro Siza, Umberto Riva and Aldo Giurgola in universities and workplaces in Milano, Lausanne, Switzerland and New York, Luigi settled in Sydney in 1984 and shortly after commenced his practice in Surry Hills.

He immediately embraced with enthusiasm the Australian culture, landscape and spirit and married his international upbringing to the local.  The result was a great number of buildings that are not parochial or provincial, and his best projects are the fruit of a marriage of cultures.

He has bred a posterity comprising a successful architect, a challenging artist and a world recognised musician.

John Oultram Heritage & Design was established in January 1998 by John Oultram, B.Arch., Dip. Arch. The company acts as architectural designers in the adaptation and alteration of heritage properties and as heritage consultants providing advice to other consultants and commercial and public clients. The practice specialises in the provision of heritage conservation plans and heritage impact statements.

John Oultram was appointed heritage advisor to Fairfield City Council in 1998. He is currently heritage advisor to Wagga Wagga City Council and Shaolhaven Council. The company is currently listed on the Heritage Office of NSW register of heritage consultants. The firm employs one full time and one part time staff and is currently based in a shared studio space in Double Bay.