Everyone has dreams of their perfect home: a space they can truly call their own, which provides flawlessly for their needs and lifestyle, and will grow alongside them over time. Some may have a clear vision of what this home may look like, while others may have a few key ideas, but nothing specific in mind. Regardless, starting on the journey of re-designing your home can be overwhelming. While the final product will be well worth it, there are a lot of small steps in between those first stirrings of inspiration and a functional, beautiful home.

This is the perfect time to call in an architect. Here are five key reasons why:

Architects know how to get it done.

An architect’s role is to guide you through the process of designing your ideal home from conception to completion. They are highly experienced in dealing with the complex – and often messy- parts of a project, such as budget management, council restrictions, building code compliance, hiring and communicating with contractors, and helping to solve any issues that come up during construction. Above all, they are a professional presence who is there to make sure that the project runs smoothly and that your needs are being met at every step of the way.

Architects design with you, for you.

An architect is an expert at taking all of those ideas floating around in your head and using them to create a design brief customised to you and your home. They are able to listen to your needs and desires, and distil these into an achievable, high quality design outcome that is uniquely yours. An architect will bring their own extensive design experience to the table, enhancing and elevating the design to become something truly exceptional.

Architects are ready to create something special.

When you hire an architect to re-design your home, you are hiring someone who will think outside the box. They will approach a project ready to face any challenges that may arise, providing simple, elegant, and clever solutions to difficult design projects. Something which may start as a design problem can become a gorgeous detail or point of interest in the hands of an architect.

Architects know how get the best out of your home.

Architects have a wide knowledge of the factors that will affect the comfort and liveability of your home. They understand how take advantage of the site to create spaces that maximise natural light, capture breezes, and invite in greenery and views of the surrounding environment inside. Having an architect on board will mean that your home will be as comfortable and easy to live in as it is beautiful.

Good architecture is for life.

Simply put, good architecture lasts. Hiring an architect to re-design your home can be compared to buying a tailored garment; it is truly unique to you; it fits you and moves in harmony with you; it can be adaptable, and yet will stand the test of time. A house designed to respond to your specific needs will be a joy to live in for years to come.

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