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Randwick City Urban Design Award

GWA is proud to announce that Kingsford Focus Eye Centre has won the Award for the Randwick City Urban Design Award (Commercial category). For more information on the Project click here

DESIGN: We develop and document

DETAILED DESIGN The concept design is refined and fully detailed to meet our Client’s requirements. Together, we further develop the return brief with more detailed information about façade design, interior design and finishes, joinery requirements and kitchen and bathroom fittings and other technical details; GWA undertakes technical research to identify suitable materials and products; Cost, […]

BUILD: The building is constructed

CONSTRUCTION PHASE / CONTRACT ADMINISTRATION The level of service required by GWA in this phase may vary, depending on a range of issues including the client requirements, site conditions, and the building contract selected; GWA generally administers the building contract between the Proprietor & Contractor and issues certificates as required under the building contract; GWA […]

MAINTAIN: We address any issues

POST CONSTRUCTION PHASE GWA visit the site and monitor defective works during defect liability period; GWA provides other post completion services as required; GWA responds to requests for information from Client if requested. MAINTENANCE: The Client provides a brief for maintenance work. This work may be ongoing or immediate; GWA prepares a return brief listing […]


What do you do at GWA? I translate ideas and sketches into quantifiable drawings and qualitative documents – and drink coffee.

Owner – Cherry St

We employed the services of GWA to design a major extension and renovation to our kitchen, adjoining living space and outdoor entertaining area. Georgina was a pleasure to work with, she quickly understood our needs and presented a creative design that was in keeping with the overall feel of the original house and at the same time was contemporary, stylish and extremely functional. Georgina also provided valuable advice and assistance on the selection of colour schemes, carpets and finishes for the entire house.


What do you do at GWA? Work with a team of professionals to create & facilitate elegant design & utilise modern technology to visualise and communicate ideas effectively.