• Based on the approved Concept Design, GWA prepares documents to lodge an application for planning approval.  This may include:
  • ‘As existing’ drawings of the site and existing building(s), including Plans, Sections & Elevations;
  • CAD drawings of the proposed scheme; including detailed Plans, Sections and Elevations, suitable for submission to Council or other Authorities;
  • Site Analysis drawing;
  • Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE);
  • BASIX Certificate;
  • Waste Management Plan;
  • Shadow diagrams.
  • GWA assists with the preparation of Consultant briefs and obtains fee proposals;
  • GWA co-ordinates work carried out by consultants and integrates this work into the architectural documents;
  • GWA may meet with neighbours;
  • Meetings with the Client as required;
  • The Client reviews and approves all documents before submitting the Application;
  • Approximately 2-4 months for Council to assess DA. (Timing can vary)


Whilst more detailed than a DA, the level of detail in the documents produced for this stage is generally not enough for a builder to provide a tender. Often it can be possible to run this stage concurrently with the detailed documentation stage.

  • GWA develops documents to incorporate Conditions of Consent and meet CC requirements;
  • GWA coordinates and integrates secondary consultant’s designs;
  • GWA prepares a Certifier’s brief and obtains fee proposals;
  • GWA consults with the Certifier to manage the Construction Certificate process;
  • The Client approves the documents for CC and it is lodged in the Client’s name.

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