• The concept design is refined and fully detailed to meet our Client’s requirements.
  • Together, we further develop the return brief with more detailed information about façade design, interior design and finishes, joinery requirements and kitchen and bathroom fittings and other technical details;
  • GWA undertakes technical research to identify suitable materials and products;
  • Cost, aesthetic and environmental performance of the proposed design(s) is evaluated at this stage.
  • GWA prepare and present design options for each part of the project;
  • The Client reviews the options and recommends updates. GWA incorporates changes or refinements based on Client feedback;
  • GWA provides preliminary drawings and schedules for costing by Quantity Surveyor or Builder if required;
  • GWA and the Client meet as required;
  • The Client confirms approval of the detailed design elements;


  • GWA prepares detailed working drawings and schedules, sufficient for construction of the work;
  • GWA provides information to secondary consultants and coordinates and integrates their work.
  • GWA meets with consultants as required. This may include meeting with builders to discuss their experience and suitability for the project;
  • We evaluate different procurement methods;
  • GWA can assist the Client with builder selection and/or the tender process;
  • GWA and the Client meet as required;
  • We decide what building procurement method will be used;
  • It may be possible for the documentation of some items to be completed during the construction process to minimise delays.

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