• The Client provides a design brief, budget and program.
  • GWA prepares a Return Brief listing specific project requirements;
  • The Client reviews and approves the Return Brief.
  • We talk about the process and estimate time required for the proposed works. Project fee is discussed.
  • GWA researches and assesses the development controls and authority requirements;
  • GWA prepares a DA checklist and Council Code Study;
  • GWA assesses conditions, constraints and opportunities of the site based on a site visit, survey and photos; (other consultants may need to be engaged depending on site conditions)
  • GWA assists the Client with the engagement of a building surveyor to undertake a site survey;
  • GWA prepares a set of ‘as existing’ drawings of any existing structures on the property, including plans and elevations;
  • Meetings with the Client as required.


  • GWA produces drawings that show the general planning and proposed style of the design options;
  • The Client reviews options and recommends updates. GWA incorporates changes or refinements based on this feedback;
  • GWA reviews the proposed design in relation to planning controls;
  • GWA may suggest a Pre-DA meeting with Council;
  • GWA provides preliminary sketch design documents, including basic materials and finishes, for costing by Quantity Surveyor or Builder if required;
  • Meetings with the Client as required;
  • The Client signs off approved concept design before proceeding to next phase of work.

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