Our home is our temple, a place where we can clam our minds, relax and spend quality time with family and friends. As the saying goes, our home is truly our sanctuary. As we progress further into 2019, we begin to see a range of soft, nurturing tones, textures and elements playing throughout the home interior and decor space. There’s a sense of quiet minimalism and we love it, so much so we’ve collated some of our favourite style and design elements of this season.

Colour and curves

Style doesn’t just come across in signature elements, but more so colour incorporated with design. We can use colour and style to align our body, mind and home.

Use a soothing tonal palette to style a serene place, balance is found in subtle textural details and still colour accents. Set curved forms with imperfect textures to style a delightful, pleasing heaven. Ditch sharp, graphic edges and fill your space with flowing, rounded edges.

Rest soft orange and nude hues with solid pink accents and creamy neutral paint colouring as well as greyed-off mauve to cool colours of natural stone and granite to modernize your bathroom. Paint the guest room or retreat soft green to evoke a feeling of relaxation and wellness. Use tonal hues for other elements.

Natural Elements and Textures

Indoor plants rise our mood. A trailing devil’s ivy on a bookshelf or a large, potted long-leaf fig in the corner of a room can provide a sense of calmness and lift the natural element within the space.

Station rough textures with creamy colours or incorporate value simplistic pieces to create a sense of space and elegance.

Display Ceramics and Aesthetic Sculptures

Cast black or charcoal amidst the pastel palette if your place becomes too sweet.

Display handmade ceramics and aesthetic sculptural forms, textured fabrics and wall hangings to add depth to your pastel palette.

Offering a sense of minimalism and simplistic design, these elements can help you to create more feel to your home this season. For more information on how our team at GWA can help you to achieve a sense of more space and modern design, view our latest projects here.

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