Introducing a special personal project, the renovation of one of our Architects own family home. We’re pleased and proud to share Kat Prowse’s beautiful work, and showcase her deep knowledge and skill within our industry.

The original house was an old, dark and pokey semi, which has since been transformed into a light-filled generously spacious family home. To achieve this, the plan is hardworking to ensure the entire site is utilised and in turn, give an experience of a spacious interior, on what is uniquely a smaller site.

The house has a calm and peaceful vibe as you move through the home and experience the gentle and subtle layering of spaces. As you’re delivered to the kitchen you instantly feel relaxed and calm surrounded by a beachy vibe of vertically lined joinery and playful splashes of colour and texture.

The kitchen looks out to a central courtyard which acts as a lightwell, interjecting light, deep into the centre of the house. The courtyard also activates the previously unoptimized side passage as a landing strip for kids to play. Care has been taken to make this space free of utilities and ‘stuff’ that typically clog up a semi dwellings side passage.

The kitchen flows into the main living area at the rear which projects outwards towards the garden allowing the house to connect seamlessly to a newly landscaped and functional rear yard. New floor to ceiling glass sliding doors allow morning light to bathe this room, filtered through the rear gums trees and frangipani.

Centrally located is a timber stair taking occupants up to the more private part of the home. The steel handrail of the stair adjoins a striking curved timber edge detail forming the stair void. Natural light floods through a north facing skylight directly above the stair. The upstairs bathroom is separated from the house with frameless glass at high level allowing it to borrow the natural light from the skylight.

Vertical louvres have been strategically placed to the upstairs windows to direct occupants’ sight-lines to capture sea views between apartment buildings to the east and park views to the west, while also giving occupants the ability to block harsh summer sun before it hits the glazing, keeping the upper level cool in summer.

“As the architect and the client, I am immensely proud of the home I have created for my family. It’s both a characterful and functional realisation of our family’s home life.” – Kat Prowse, Architect at Georgina Wilson Architect.


Builder: Yakka Build

Photographer: Noel Mclaughlin

Stylist: Jackie Brown Stylist

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