Plastic Free July is a global movement that helps millions of people to become part of the global movement and solution to plastic-free pollution.

This year, our team at Georgina Wilson Architect are taking part in Plastic Free July. We are concerned about the amount of waste produced in our office and in our homes, which end up in landfill and pollute our streets, parks and oceans worldwide.

Will you join us? You can refuse single-use plastics in July. Being part of Plastic July will help us find alternatives that will become new habits.

Curious to know what our team are doing for Plastic Free July? Our talented architect, Kat Prowse, shares her tips on how to reduce plastic waste;

  • Choose to reuse or sit down for five minutes and have your coffee to stay. Australians love their coffee. In fact, it’s estimated that 1 billion takeaway cups and lids are used, landfilled and littered every single year.

You can also encourage and support cafes to become a part of the Responsible Cafe network.

  • Choose to refuse pre-packed fruit and vegetables. Buying plastic-wrapped or packaged fruits and vegetables can be convenient, but unfortunately it creates plastic waste. Buy seasonal and fresh produce from markets, or otherwise Harris Farmers Markets offer reusable bags and allow you to choose loose fruit and vegetables.
  • Choose to refuse single-use shopping bags. Plastic bags are incredibly dangerous to our wildlife and environment. Bring your own reusable bags and help put an end to plastic waste. Keep them in your car so you’re always organised.
  • Choose to refill. Bringing your own containers and jars can help to minimise waste and your impact on the environment. Kat recommends Iggy’s in Bronte, Harris Farm and Naked Foods. Kat mentions you can re-fill milk, however it’s not cheap at $3 a Litre, but is organic, full cream and mentions it is delicious!

Iggy’s also have oil and granola that you can re-fill, as well as delicious bread that is put in paper bags. You can also bring your own egg carton and stock up on eggs. They sell yogurt in glass jars – these jars can then be returned to Naked foods for them to reuse or recycle. Naked foods will also re-fill cleaning products. Some companies like Jurlique and L’Occitane will recycle beauty packaging. You can also make your own yogurt, if that’s your jam…

To go one step further, you can encourage and support businesses to rethink and reduce single-use plastics.  Tell them about reusable alternatives that they can use instead and ask them to encourage customers to bring their own containers.

  • Choose to refuse single- use plastics in your workplace kitchen. Swap single-use plastics with ceramic mugs, stainless steel cutlery and glass cups. If you don’t have a workplace kitchen bring your own fork and container for salads from home.
  • Choose to Recycle. Recycle to help create a more sustainable future for our planet.

Kat’s recycle tip, “Set up a cupboard dedicated to organising reusable items and for recycling specific items. If you don’t have one, or don’t have space for one, visit your local double bay architect. At Georgina Wilson Architect, we incorporate a ‘RRR station’ (reuse, reduce and recycle) into all kitchen designs”.

If you can’t recycle items in your municipal system, search for special recycling companies near you such as TerraCycle or REDcycle.

  • Choose to inspire others. Inspire others to participate in Plastic Free July and refuse to use single-use plastic.

Kat has been inspiring her son to make a difference;

  • Kat’s 5-year-old son: “Mumma, can we please buy some lollies?”
  • Kat: “But they’re in a plastic packet and plastic is poisonous to fish and birds and all animals, how about we go home and have something else that we have purchase sustainably…like chocolate!”
  • Kat’s 5-year-old son: “OKAY!!!”

Kat mentions this trick works every time… obviously more effectively with chocolate, but really kids have a natural love for nature, and we should learn from them.

So, are you ready to join us and take the Plastic Free July challenge?

“I have found the past few weeks, extremely rewarding, by just refilling my milk and bringing containers with me on shopping trips my recycling waste has halved, and it feels empowering. I hope this helps you all to consider a few of these tips in the next month and going forward” – Kat Prowse, Architect at Georgina Wilson Architect.

Together, we can make a difference and be part of the solution. For more information, or to learn more, give our friendly team at GWA a call today: (02) 9363 9182

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