Learn the top 3 trends in home renovation and build design right now, from expert, Georgina Wilson from GW Architects.

Extract: There’s three design trends that I’ve been noticing recently. The first is sustainability in buildings, there’s been a lot of exciting developments in technology, so we’re now able to use solar panelled ceiling tiles, we use a lot of recycled materials in our buildings, and we’re also providing solutions for composting, and sophisticated recycling within the actual home…

Georgina Wilson – Architect

With so many architects to choose from, how do you know the right one to choose? Here Georgina Wilson explains what makes GWA different in just 90 seconds.

Extract: I’ve got over 20 years experience creating unique homes, that means bringing together inspirations, dreams and challenges, to deliver homes people love. A home to create memories and live lives. A home that efficiently uses space, is contemporary and timeless at the same time…

Georgina Wilson – Architect

Wondering how to choose the right architect for your home renovation? Find out from the expert what you should be doing, what questions to ask and what’s the x-factor

Extract: If I had to choose an architect I’d first go to all my friends and family and ask for recommendations for architects that they’d worked with and had a great experience with. In our practice we’re very fortunate to have 100% of our work from recommendations, so I do believe it’s a good place to start.

Georgina Wilson – Architect

GW Architecture Principal, Georgina Wilson, explains what happens in that first consultation with an architect in just 90 seconds. What should you ask? What should you bring? And what can you expect?

Extract: A lot of people ask me what happens in our initial meeting together. It’s a great opportunity for you to come in and talk to us, get to know us a little bit, and tell us about what you really want to achieve in your dream home.

Georgina Wilson – Architect

Georgina Wilson has been an award-winning architect for over 20 years, but still loves her job. What is it that keeps her so passionate about being an architect?

Extract: I love it because it is an enormous creative challenge. Bringing together all these different elements to deliver a beautiful outcome is very rewarding. I also really like working with beautiful things and architecture allows me to work with beautiful textures and materials, bringing them together to create something unique.

Georgina Wilson – Architect

It’s tempting to skip using an architect for your home renovation and go straight to a draftsman, builder or tradesman. So do you really need an architect?

Extract: A lot of people ask me – do you really need an architect? My answer is how much does it matter to you, to get what you want, at the end of the day? An architect has the training, accreditation and experience to deliver a completed building.

Georgina Wilson – Architect

Curious about other people’s homes? Wondering what our clients ask for in their home renovation? Hear from GWA what our other clients are requesting in their home design.

Extract: People often ask me what other people ask for in their homes. We’ve been asked for just about everything under the sun, from water slides and putting greens through to bowling alleys.

Georgina Wilson – Architect

Learn how you could use virtual reality, 3D visualisations and other technology when designing your home renovation or new build.

Extract: It’s a really exciting time to work with an architect. Because we now have access to fantastic new technology, we’ve never had before. Which makes it mach easier for clients to understand and visualise what their building will be like, much earlier in the process.

Georgina Wilson – Architect

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